Organic greenhouse horticulture (OGH)(i.e the production in greenhouses or polytunnels) in the EU should improve its sustainability, production and productivity. Emissions of nutrients and its footprint should be reduced. Production and productivity are too low to meet the demand of the society.

The scientific challenges are - 

  • to design sustainable irrigation and fertilization strategies
  • to reveal the mechanisms of resilience, robustness and suppressiveness for the management of pests and diseases
  • to integrate crop management, energy saving, renewable energy sources and new techniques and combinations with other activities
  • business to realize climate neutral production.

This COST Action coordinates, strengthens and focuses the activities of the partners. It improves the communication, offers a common agenda, more and better knowledge for less money, sharing new techniques, an improved dissemination to OGH, basis for further collaboration in joint research proposals and support in the development of EU standards for OGH.